Pedigree Analysis


    Coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding 5 Generations - Lukas v. Linduri
    This page shows the inbreeding calculations for the dog you selected or the "Test Mating" you have entered. The calculations on this page are accurate to the point that they can only be made based upon the information in the database. For more detailed calculations please make sure that as many ancestors as possible are entered to the database.

    COI Calculation - Lukas v. Linduri
    COI 5 gen: 0.000%    too low to be reliabe    Calculate COI again

    Please do the new calculation only if you have entered new ancestors of this dog!

    COI Calculation - Sire Olly v. Bärenhorst and Dam Hesta v. Linduri
    Sire: COI 5 gen: 3.613%    very low    Calculate COI again

    Dam: COI 5 gen: 1.660%    very very low    Calculate COI again

    Ancestor-Loss coefficient (ALC)
    This method doesn't replace the calculation of the COI but also gives important information for the breeder. Ancestor-Loss is given when the same ancestor appears more than once in the pedigree of the dog. A 5-generations-pedigree shows 62 possible ancestors. If one of this 62 possible ancestors appears twice, the dog in question has indeed only 61 different ancestors. If 3 ancestors appear twice, this dog has indeed only 59 different ancestors. The ALC is calculated out of the nr. of the ancestors and the total nr. of possible ancestors.

    # of dogs
    Ancestors in 5 Generations (max. 62)60
    Ancestor Loss2
    Ancestor Loss in %96.77 %

    Contributing Ancestors
    AncestorBlood %# of appearances12345
    Hesta v. Linduri50.00011
    Olly v. Bärenhorst50.00011
    Paris v. d. Waterkant25.00011
    Drossel v. d. Grassel25.00011
    Etzel v. Nörderkamp25.00011
    Asta v. Bartelskamp25.00011
    Artus v. d. Hasewiesen12.50011
    Ines v. d. Waterkant12.50011
    Gero v. Wiken12.50011
    Astor v. d. Weide12.50011
    Britta v. Bärenhorst12.50011
    Ria v. d. Böckelsburg12.50011
    Boss Holsatia12.50011
    Britta v. Hasselbach12.50011
    Dina v. Steinroden9.370211
    Rasso v. Lönsstein6.25011
    Pascha v. d. Binnenelbe6.25011
    Cilly v. Waterkant6.25011
    Golo Dankwarder Ode6.25011
    Afra v. Seggehorn6.25011
    Enno Holsatia6.25011
    Olli v. d. Böckelsburg6.25011
    Ingo v. Schadwalde6.25011
    Unda v. Lönsstein6.25011
    Manto v. d. Düsterbeck6.25011
    Utz v. Lönsstein6.25011
    Delta v. Langen Siek6.25011
    Ajax v. Klockhof6.25011
    Cora v. Tannenkamp6.25011
    Diwa v. Kampstüh6.25011
    Morro v. Feuersang6.24022
    Cilla v. d. Holzheide3.12011
    Bona v. Hohen Geroldseck3.12011
    Gina Dankwarder Ode3.12011
    Gambo v. Werlacke3.12011
    Lissi v.d Böckelsburg3.12011
    Gitta v. d. Düsterbeck3.12011
    Whisky v. Schwege3.12011
    Elko v. Turkenweg3.12011
    Bodo v. Weserstrand3.12011
    Gaston Z Hradistanske Samoty3.12011
    Wido v. Schwege3.12011
    Anka v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Immo v. d. Binnenelbe3.12011
    Natter v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Assi v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Gabi v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Beste v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Eske v. Sämmenhof3.12011
    Tasso v. Feuersang3.12011
    Asta v. Werlacke3.12011
    Basko v. Neuenhof3.12011
    Alf Chamavia3.12011
    Birko v. Lönsstein3.12011
    Etzel v. Sämmenhof3.12011
    Axel v. Teufelsloch3.12011
    Assi v. Nörderkamp3.12011
    Juri v. Wolfsgrund3.12011
    Anka v. d. Flachsbäke3.12011
    Bob v. d. Falloh3.12011

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